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Services from Morcon Energy Services Aberdeen

Maintenance Optimisation

We believe that the route to plant reliability and optimisation is to truly understand:

By understanding these factors Morcon Energy Services Ltd can help our clients realise the benefits of an efficient and effective maintenance regime.

Effective Maintenance - Carrying out the right maintenance in the first place (both routine and remedial) helps:

Engineering consultant Aberdeen


At Morcon Energy Services Ltd we view our clients’ maintenance needs in the holistic context of their producing asset.  A genuine understanding of the expected performance of their equipment and plant combined with a solid grasp of risk assessment means Morcon Energy Services Ltd can optimise the cost / benefit of maintenance activities.

We start at grass roots level and analyse your current maintenance regimes and also look at your plant efficiency and reliability. From there we help build an effective maintenance plan which incorporates your company’s requirements and original equipment manufacturers recommendations.

Efficient Maintenance Successful Planning & Execution of Maintenance every time


North Sea Oil RigEfficient maintenance is borne from good planning and execution. At Morcon Energy Services Ltd we understand the implications of delays due to poor execution of maintenance. We are capable of investigating quality issues relating to planning and execution, and advise on remedial actions to ensure continuous improvement.



Failure Investigations

Morcon Energy Services also provide Failure Investigation services where we:


Project Management

We are capable of managing a large range of projects for our clients and can provide:


Marine Engineering

Morcon Energy Services have a strong Marine Engineering background and can provide a wide range of services. We can provide:



Previous Clients Include:


Specialist Equipment Sourcing

Morcon can source specialist equipment and/or contractors for jobs anywhere in the world. We can provide: